Good Luck to Miss Asian Festival 2013



Since 1984, a cultural pageant winner has been chosen to represent the annual Wichita Asian Festival.  The purpose of the Miss Asian Festival Pageant is to give young women of Asian descent the opportunity to discover their heritage and celebrate their culture on the Asian Festival stage.

Last year, the judges chose a 16-year-old girl representing India to be the 30th Miss Asian Festival.  I still remember meeting this young lady for the first time. I thought to myself that this quiet and shy girl had this positive aura that makes you want to be her friend.

Since then, I’ve had the honor to mentor this young lady.

For months I’ve seen Megha Gangadhar step out of her comfort zone and grow as a leader.  As a pageant director, the most rewarding part is to see women grow as they prepare to compete.  As a fellow Asian-American and president of the Wichita Asian Association, the most rewarding part is seeing Megha embrace her Indian culture and seeing her grow as a leader in the Asian community.

As she competes in her first “real pageant,” I know our Asian community is proud and supports her in the journey for the title of Miss Kansas Outstanding Teen 2014.

Good luck to my friend and mentee!






Pageant Season 2014


Miss Kansas United States 2014 pageant

Alright…this is a LONG overdue blog entry.

I’m switching this blog from “Lily’s Luncheons” to “Where’s Wu?”  I’d like to post some of the fun adventures that I get to participate in because of pageantry and television.

Since pageant season 2014 is already in full swing, I thought it’s only appropriate to come out of my hiatus with a quick entry on my adventure to Kansas City to watch a pageant.  I had the opportunity to attend the Miss Kansas United States pageant as a “former” with a few of my friends.  Women who have competed in pageants know that pageant season means that you can catch the “pageant bug.”  I’ll post more about that in a future entry . . .

During this adventure, I had the opportunity to catch up with friends I’ve had the honor of meeting throughout my pageant journey.  In the photo, you can see, from left to right, Miss Ruby Slippers 2009 (Susan Yang), Miss Kansas United States 2010 & Miss Kansas 2011 (Carissa Kelley), and Miss Oklahoma International 2009 (Cat Taylor).  We had the chance to see some great gals from Kansas compete for Ms., Miss, and Teen titles. I look forward to seeing the growth the winners and the contestants will have this year.  If you’ve competed in pageants, you know that pageants can help a woman grow mentally, emotionally, and intellectually.

Here’s to a great pageant season 2014!

Until next time,