All-American Hamburgers

Besides my love for soups, I love to eat a good ol’ All-American hamburger with plenty of ketchup and mustard!

But after doing a story on Type 2 diabetes, I’m afraid my love for these hamburger joints might have to become a less frequent affair.  There’s nothing wrong with eating hamburgers as long as it’s in moderation and not a daily staple in my diet.  Let me share some of my favorite burger joints in/around Wichita.

If you have any suggestions of other places that I should visit, comment and let me know.

  • The Anchor – 1109 East Douglas Avenue, Wichita
  • Charlie’s Famous Burgers – 3200 West 13th Street North, Wichita
  • TJ’s Burger House – 1003 West Douglas Avenue, Wichita
  • Timbuktu Bar and Grill – 1251 North Andover Road, Andover

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I smell onions at the Cozy Inn

I was excited to eat at my favorite barbecue place in Salina but my phojo, Enrique, had a better suggestion…hamburgers!

He asked me if I liked onions.  I quickly replied yes.  But I didn’t know he meant that I would smell like onions after eating inside the famous Cozy Inn.

Enrique had done a story about the restaurant when it was named one of the “Eight Wonders of Kansas Food.”  When he told me of their accolades, I was even more eager to eat the famous bite sized burgers.

We arrived after what we thought was the lunch time rush, but apparently, it’s always busy at the Cozy Inn.  There were a couple of tables outside but it was 100+ outside.  I thought we could enjoy the AC indoors and could get the full experience of eating inside the restaurant.  Problem is that I didn’t think it through that I would be smelling like onions, sitting so close to the grill.

The owner of the place was very hospitable and friendly, which made the experience even more enjoyable.  The two of us each had four hamburgers, a bag of chips, and a can of pop.

It was nice being able to see my food being cooked fresh, right in front of my eyes.  While I was inside enjoying the smell of their famous ingredient…onions…I didn’t think about the two-hour drive back to Wichita, smelling like onions.  So, buyer beware, if you don’t want to smell like onions, I suggest eating outside!

I can see why USA Today named the Cozy Inn, one of the 51 great burger joints in the USA!  It definitely gets my two thumbs up.