Italian in Kansas

Luciano's at 216 West Main Street in Mulvane

For my birthday, back in September, I decided to venture down to Mulvane for some Italian food.  I’d been there a few years ago with a friend and was missing some good Italian food. Luciano’s in Mulvane sure didn’t disappoint!  For lunch, they have a salad and entre special.  It took me a while to make up my mind but I chose wisely and the result was perfect!  I had the Insalata Mela Verde, spring mix salad with green apples, grapes, and crushed walnuts.  For my entre, I had Mottola Sugo di Carne, which the menu said it was a penne pasta with Luciano’s family recipe for meat sauce.  It was DELICIOUS!  And, as an added bonus, I had free dessert because it was my birthday!  Let me tell you, that creme brulee was nearly to die for!

Luciano's Insalata Mela Verde and Mottola Sugo di Carne

Luciano's Crema Bruciata

If you don’t feel like driving, I have a great recommendation…Marchello’s Restaurant in South Wichita! Their meat lasagna is one of the best I’ve ever had.  During lunch, you can even get the salad and lasagna special for less than $8!  They are quite generous with their sauce and a perfect match with their garlic bread.  Can you say, delicious and affordable?

Marchello's Restaurant at 3107 S. Seneca in South Wichita

Marchello's Lasagna

Back in the summer, I tried the fairly new Italian restaurant in Old Town called Luca.  I had a glass of wine, cup of Stracciatella soup, and gnocchi for nearly $40.  The food was alright but I would rather spend the gas money going down to Mulvane for more Luciano’s.

Luca's Gnocchi


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